Service Operations

Service Operations Department

This is our "Mission Control"!

You tell us how important it is to be able to:

  • Ship timely and accurately because we have to be pro customer advocates.
  • Communicate with customers, right now, when you call in without having to wait for a call back.
  • Ship serviced, maintained, oiled, and checked over equipment.
  • Communicate with customers.
  • Count parts and pieces accurately with 15 years experienced crew members.
  • Communicate with customers.

Warehousing, Equipment Maintenance, Shipping and more...

This department, which consists of warehousing, equipment maintenance, shipping and receiving, purchasing and inside sales, is our ace number 1 hole card. Doug Staton - General Manager, Jim Rodgers - Service Operations Manager, and  Delfino Castro - Yard Manager, all understand doing these things right, the first time, is why we have repeat cusomters.